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Sometimes, the process of making a stop motion animated film is a bit like being locked in a deadly struggle with a fearsome sea serpent, only to look into its face and recognize yourself. This blog is for anyone who has battled a 12-inch tall monster of their own and discovered a worthy adversary and a beautiful friendship.

Welcome to my lair. Visit my monsters and tell me about yours.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Thorvald's Boat Part IV

The boat continues to evolve. Yes, I know the color scheme is ridiculous, NO this is not the final version. This is only a mock-up to work out the proportions for the figureheads. The heads are made of modeling clay at the moment, but will eventually be replaced by PaperClay, which is much more lightweight and paint-able. I am hoping that when I am done the whole thing will look like weathered wood.
At the moment, the heads are looking a bit small. I am considering making them bigger.

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