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Sometimes, the process of making a stop motion animated film is a bit like being locked in a deadly struggle with a fearsome sea serpent, only to look into its face and recognize yourself. This blog is for anyone who has battled a 12-inch tall monster of their own and discovered a worthy adversary and a beautiful friendship.

Welcome to my lair. Visit my monsters and tell me about yours.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Due to engineering and space considerations related to the sets, the film will not be shot chronologically. The first scenes to be shot will take place in Conrad’s underwater cave off the coast of Normandy, where he brings all of his ill-gotten gains. The props are well underway, so it is time to start building!

The supports for the walls are made of armature wire and chicken wire. 

 The only window in the room must be positioned just right so Conrad can relax while observing the fish and other sea creatures swimming by….
Now that the structure is ready, the walls are coated with plaster bandages, the shape of the stone walls is sculpted out of chunks of Styrofoam, and details are molded out of bits of sponge and fabric. The set is ready to be painted!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Props Part 2

Miniature works of art that will play a major and ominous role in Conrad’s fate are now in the process of being made out of air-dry clay, glazed oven-bake clay and painted Milliput. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Props Part 1

The action in The Burglar With the Yellow Hand will involve numerous props of different kinds and made from different materials. Some of these props represent works of art stolen by the crafty Conrad and hidden away in his underwater lair. Some will help convey the style and comfort of Conrad’s exotic home. All of these props are made by hand using a variety of tools and materials.
Living in the early 1900s, and deeply immersed in the art, culture and fashions of his time, Conrad is a great appreciator of Impressionist art and Japanese prints and design. This will be reflected in the Japanese-inspired design of his furniture and the woodblock prints that will adorn his walls.

Some of the first props to be made are Conrad’s washstand, a small matching coffee table and a chest. The washstand and its simple clay jug will figure prominently in a pivotal sequence in the film.

They are made of balsa wood, carved by hand,


Painted black and varnished…

… and completed with a pair of linen towels, a clay pot and an oven-baked clay water jug.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Burglar With the Yellow Hand Is In Preproduction

We have officially launched into preproduction on Burglar With the Yellow Hand!
A huge thank you to IdeasTap, The Arts Trust Scotland and our wonderful supporters on IndieGoGo.
The script is finished and the final storyboard is underway. All of the concept art is being 3-dimensionalized - we are now in the process of set and prop construction. All of the necessary materials have been collected and a new world is about to take shape. 

These blocks of humble florists’ foam will soon be transformed into the rough stone walls of a mysterious underwater cavern, encrusted with ornate seashells and tufts of seaweed.

 Glittering candy wrappers are always useful to have around – you never know when you will need a tiny chest overflowing with gold, diamonds and precious stones.

An assortment of beads, trimmings, haberdashery, spray paint, furniture varnish, bits of balsa wood, plasticene, canvas, string, gold foil, stickers and coffee stirrers have turned these small pieces of cardboard into gilded Baroque and Art Nouveau picture frames and sturdy crates for antique sculptures of dubious provenance. 

Unfortunately, our demanding burglar is somewhat hard to please…

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Burglar With the Yellow Hand Fully Funded!

The indiegogo campaign for Burglar With the Yellow Hand has just come to a close, having raised $200. We are very grateful to our wonderful contributors!
This is not enough to get the film made, but I have just found out that I am one of the winners of the IdeasTap Innovators Award, which will cover the rest of the funds needed to get the film made!!!
This is amazing news, and I can't wait to get started. Filming starts this fall, and I will be posting regular updates on the progress of the film here and on my IdeasTap blog.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Only 4 Days Left To Contribute to Burglar With the Yellow Hand!

Only 4 days left in The Burglar With the Yellow Hand indiegogo campaign! We are happy to have raised $200 so far and will make the most every dollar, but everything we raise will help make the film bigger and better! Every dollar can make a difference.
Perks start as low as $5 - come and contribute if you want to support stop motion animation and traditional film making techniques, or if you believe in the statement that art should be appreciated for its beauty and its historical legacy rather than for its commercial worth.

Visit the campaign page to find out more:
(Or click on the widget to the right)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Burglar With the Yellow Hand Needs Your Help!

Less than 2 weeks left on the Burglar With the Yellow Hand indiegogo campaign! We have raised $100 so far, but we really hope to scrape together some more funds at the last minute. Visit the campaign to check out some of our perks, and remember - this is a small film and any contribution will make a difference! Help a burglar learn a lesson about the true value of art and the dire consequences of selfish greed, while supporting the noble art of stop motion animation.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Commissioned Music Video For "Down By the Salley Gardens" Released on youtube

I created this music video for the song "Down By The Salley Gardens" for a South Korean studio called Muffin Songs. I made it some time ago, but they've only just released it on their youtube channel.
It's mostly stop motion, but I incorporated some digital effects, superimpositions, and even a tiny bit of live action. Take a look and share your comments!

For those of you who have been watching the Burglar With the Yellow Hand indiegogo campaign - yes the male character is played by Conrad Lucas, the Burglar himself.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Just One Month Left To Raise Funds For Burglar With the Yellow Hand!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support by sharing links to the campaign page, and especially to our first $100 contributor! Once the film is complete, he will receive a postcard and poster with images from the film signed by the director and star, a T-shirt with a design inspired by the film, a DVD copy of the film itself with a special limited edition cover, a Special Thanks credit, and access to exclusive behind-the-scenes materials including concept art, storyboards and documentary footage showing how the film was made.
You do not have to contribute $100 to get some of these great perks! Any contribution is welcome, with perks starting at $5. As of today, we have only 30 days left to raise the rest of the budget, and help the film reach its full potential.

In the meantime, I am already working away on the pre-production, polishing the script, planning the storyboard, thinking about the soundtrack and sketching some concept art. I am really excited about getting this film made and sharing it with the world, but it needs your help!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Update on Burglar With the Yellow Hand Crowdfunding Campaign

The indiegogo campaign for The Burglar With the Yellow Hand has just raised its first $100! As you see on the widget to the right, this constitutes 5% of the budget. This is a really exciting development as $100 is already a sum that will make a difference for the film, and as we still have 37 days it may encourage further contributions as well. There have been other exciting developments in the project behind the scenes as well, but it is too early to reveal them yet! Come visit the campaign, explore the available perks and help this film get made.
A silent film featuring traditional animation techniques, and going back to the roots of cinema itself - isn't that something worth supporting in our modern, over-digitized world?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Indiegogo Campaign For My New Short

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been keeping really busy! I have just launched an indiegogo campaign for my upcoming stop motion short film, The Burglar With The Yellow Hand.
 It's a dark but funny story about a burglar who gets more than he bargained for when he steals an enchanted painting and realizes that true art really can stand up for itself. The style is inspired by Silent Era German Expressionist films, so there will be a great deal of foreboding shadows, ominously distorted sets, and explorations of inner duality and the line between reality and illusion.

Check out the link to the right to learn more about the campaign, look at photos and video, contribute in exchange for some really exciting rewards (starting at $5), or just help spread the word. We only have until September 10th to raise our $2,000 budget, so help us make some noise!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

My New Short Film To Be Screened At British Library

Just heard some great news about my new short film. I recently won a chance to be one of 10 young filmmakers who were commissioned by the British Library to make short films based on audio files from their Wildlife Sounds collection. The final judging of the finished films has just taken place, and they have announced that my film, The Great Library Robbery is a close runner-up! It will be one of two films from the competition to be screened at the British Library Spring Festival on March 2nd! The Library also plans to promote our films on youtube and write a blog article on each.

Here is a link to an article published by the British Library on the 10 selected films: