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Sometimes, the process of making a stop motion animated film is a bit like being locked in a deadly struggle with a fearsome sea serpent, only to look into its face and recognize yourself. This blog is for anyone who has battled a 12-inch tall monster of their own and discovered a worthy adversary and a beautiful friendship.

Welcome to my lair. Visit my monsters and tell me about yours.

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Thorvald is Still Alive and Almost Done!

I realize this a decidedly belated return to  the chronicle of Thorvald's tribulations, but I must admit that the tribulations in question have put quite a strain on my time, especially when combined with my in-progress PhD thesis. Thorvald has turned into something of a monster himself, and has grown into a much longer and more complicated film than I had originally anticipated. All of the stop motion shooting is now officially complete, as is most of the special effects work. If the universe does not spontaneously combust and my humble self is not devoured by some sort of mythic creature, the film itself should be completed soon. I definitely want to get everything done before September, as I'm hoping to submit Thorvald to the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival. I am also currently in the conceptual stages of developing a little stop motion festival of my own here in Edinburgh, and am already planning my next film. I will be posting updates (hopefully) soon. I will also be posting stills and a trailer as soon as Thorvald is completed!