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Sometimes, the process of making a stop motion animated film is a bit like being locked in a deadly struggle with a fearsome sea serpent, only to look into its face and recognize yourself. This blog is for anyone who has battled a 12-inch tall monster of their own and discovered a worthy adversary and a beautiful friendship.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Preparing For the Holidays...

Filmmaking is a battle, and as every warrior knows, no battle can be won without the right weapons. Behold my arsenal of shiny new tools, bought specially to build the characters of The Green Wall and the tumultuous world they will inhabit.

Thanks to the mystical powers of alchemy, the gold coins contributed by The Green Wall’s supporters have transfigured this formidable tool box into a fortress, bristling with miniature screwdrivers of all shapes and sizes (some so small you need a magnifying glass to see them),
 Knives so sharp they can cut through anything from dragon scales to thick cardboard,

…and of course, my trusty Dremmel, which has been by my side through countless duels with miniature furniture, underwater cave walls, steel skeletons, and very long noses.

 My noble Dremmel has received a Christmas present as well -

Happy Holidays from The Green Wall! Thank you for arming me for the Battle of Innumerable Armies!

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