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Monday, 17 January 2011

The First Step

For me, every film starts with references. Of course the idea comes first, but the visuals are no less important. Even if the film takes place in a fantastical environment, it needs a foundation to build on. The right reference can be a great inspiration and can endow your work with a greater richness of detail and verisimilitude.

Edward I's Fireplace
A folding chair
     My last film, The Dreams of Kings, was inspired by the life of Richard II and although there were many fantastical elements in the story, I wanted to maintain the feel of late medieval England in my design. I visited many of the actual castles and palaces that Richard had owned or stayed in and was especially inspired by the reconstruction of Edward I's rooms in the Tower of London. Although this was earlier than Richard's time it definitely reflected the type of Gothic architecture and furniture Richard would have been familiar with.
My design for Richard's room in The Dreams of Kings
And so, the creation of a new world begins...

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