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Monday, 2 December 2013

Props Part 1

The action in The Burglar With the Yellow Hand will involve numerous props of different kinds and made from different materials. Some of these props represent works of art stolen by the crafty Conrad and hidden away in his underwater lair. Some will help convey the style and comfort of Conrad’s exotic home. All of these props are made by hand using a variety of tools and materials.
Living in the early 1900s, and deeply immersed in the art, culture and fashions of his time, Conrad is a great appreciator of Impressionist art and Japanese prints and design. This will be reflected in the Japanese-inspired design of his furniture and the woodblock prints that will adorn his walls.

Some of the first props to be made are Conrad’s washstand, a small matching coffee table and a chest. The washstand and its simple clay jug will figure prominently in a pivotal sequence in the film.

They are made of balsa wood, carved by hand,


Painted black and varnished…

… and completed with a pair of linen towels, a clay pot and an oven-baked clay water jug.

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