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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Burglar With the Yellow Hand Is In Preproduction

We have officially launched into preproduction on Burglar With the Yellow Hand!
A huge thank you to IdeasTap, The Arts Trust Scotland and our wonderful supporters on IndieGoGo.
The script is finished and the final storyboard is underway. All of the concept art is being 3-dimensionalized - we are now in the process of set and prop construction. All of the necessary materials have been collected and a new world is about to take shape. 

These blocks of humble florists’ foam will soon be transformed into the rough stone walls of a mysterious underwater cavern, encrusted with ornate seashells and tufts of seaweed.

 Glittering candy wrappers are always useful to have around – you never know when you will need a tiny chest overflowing with gold, diamonds and precious stones.

An assortment of beads, trimmings, haberdashery, spray paint, furniture varnish, bits of balsa wood, plasticene, canvas, string, gold foil, stickers and coffee stirrers have turned these small pieces of cardboard into gilded Baroque and Art Nouveau picture frames and sturdy crates for antique sculptures of dubious provenance. 

Unfortunately, our demanding burglar is somewhat hard to please…

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